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one who attracts skanks by what he wears, drives, says etc. basicaly is a shiny "tool". he's the loser at the bar who has perfected the uncomplicated art of tricking the stupid slutty girls (e.g. SKANKS) to go home with him, using his flashy material goods.
"Oh my god, look at the skankbait that just walked into the bar..."
"You should see his car, its all skankbait"
by miss.pimpette September 26, 2006
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Axe body spray, Tag body spray, or any other horrible cheap men's cologne that can be detected from unreasonable smelling distances.
I really want to enjoy this meal, but some dude in here is wearing skank bait and it's ruining it for me.
by The Second Rachel M. August 24, 2007
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a bitch that wants you to fuck her but is ugly as jill
jill is a skank bait so is emma
by clitface April 13, 2005
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In the region of East Mess Arizona, this is a very common and well used term for meth or heroin, depending on which bag whore is the current topic of conversation....term comes from the well known practice of "grope for dope" hustling that these birches are world renowned for having perfected
Bro I just met this new chick in my apt last night and she's even bet she's down for both of us as long as that pipe don't cash let's see what kind of cash we working with and get some damn skankbait asap!
by jimjones, omnibeing June 07, 2018
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