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this word is not meant to be demeaning in anyway; it means that u r so hot and sexy that your body turns girls and guys on equally; you don't need to be a "skank" in order to be skankalishious (although this helps) but you must be gorge-ass, bootylushous, and boobylishious; it means that you can get with girls and guys cuz u are that damn hot!
Gurl: Dammmmnnnn gurl, why u so skankalishious?

Sexy Roommate: I don't know! I mean, I don't dress or dance like a skank! I think I am just toooo dammmnnn fine!

Gurl: Hell yeah gurl!
by sexy13 February 23, 2011
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Someone who wears very skanky clothes. Derived from the word skank, this is good slang.
That girl with the short top is Skankalishious.
by Mallory January 13, 2005
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