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Skank Conceal

Skank Concealing-
1. A way of placing only the most attractive pictures of yourself in your myspace profile or dating website. Thus, concealing your true skanky self.
2. A form of deception. Skank concealing is especially deceiving to men trying to find a woman without STD’s.

Skank Concealor-
1. A disguise used to cover up trailer-trash flaws. See Pretty Woman.
2. A person that uses Cover Girl to hide the truth about their features and/or personality.
3. Looking or acting proper in a social situation or public space whilst knowing you banged 5 guys the night before and are still smelling of fumunda.
What a skank concealor! Lauren’s picture on myspace doesn’t even look like her. I can’t see her lazy eye or black roots!

True dat! That stank ass ho has caked on the skank concealor!
by Stinky McBurr March 24, 2006
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