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A wealthy leftie who exhibits the unpleasant shrillness of any political absolutist alongside the stuck-up NIMBY attitudes of any other wealthy person.

A politically-correct, nanny-statist, granola, bleeding heart who make over $100,000 a year in a job that probably violates their professed political beliefs on some level. They are riddled with the guilt of the rich and make up for it by trying to impose their very specific lefty world views where ever they can.

These people are often lawyers, software engineers, real estate salespeople, entertainers, and/or self-help gurus.
Whole Foods Markets are designed to cater to six-figure hippies.

That woman with the designer yoga mat strapped to the top of her Prius, who pays her stylist $100 a month to make her hair look natural.

Over half of the wealthy people who live in places Marin County, California or rural Vermont can be characterized as six-figure hippies.
by erielhonan March 10, 2010
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