where a female’s boobs are perky and toned
stacy : my boobs look good

emma: i want mine to sit like that
by February 17, 2022
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Gorilla sitting — or, gorilla sittin’ — refers to when one or multiple sexual partners is/are engaging in intercourse while straddling the corner edge of a bed or other similar piece of furniture, back arched sitting forward on their knees and fists, fists clenched the same way a gorilla would articulate as it sits in its native lowlands.
Yeah, no, he was so hot … he brought me to his bed and had me clothes-off gorilla sitting within the first ten minutes I was there.”


“There I was, ass up on the edge of their bed at attention on my knees and first knuckles … they had me gorilla sittin’.”
by rothdaddy [JMR] December 19, 2021
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to chill
to chill out
to mellow
calm down
what'd you expect it to mean?
This awesome guy said, go sit on an icecube, girl chills out
by http://ac420.tumblr.com June 20, 2011
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"Top of the mornin' to you."
"Go sit on a tater."
by Madmikeandbob October 30, 2021
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Hanna, an adopted ginger, will not sit down at lunch and therefore she was banned to get up.
Taryns: Hanna…sit down
by GIVE ME BACK THE SALAMI March 24, 2022
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When one person takes a seated position with their back pushed against a wall much like the "wall sit" exercise position. A second person will then press there ass against the first individuals face, pinning their head against the wall. Then, with as much force as person two can muster, shit into the face of person one.
Don't work out in front of Jason, he'll give you a French wall sit.
by Gloopin the Hun July 26, 2020
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Saying bullshit in a very static way (i.e. from a chair)
Random Woman - Are you still bull-sitting there... can u please wake up and come with me to the shop?

Random man - yea wateva....
by miss. take February 5, 2010
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