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A gay male intending to get perceived as a girl. Welcomes being dominated and used by alpha males and females.
That twink is such a sissyfag, he's begging for seed.
by getarise December 11, 2016
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1. A combination of sissy + faggot; quite self-explanatory.

2. Refers to grown-up men, not necessarily gay who avoid traditional MANLY roles and responsibilities to fulfill their innermost desires of being dominated by a self-absorbed female who chooses to act as substitute for their real mothers. Sissfyfags don't like to get hurt or injured, have the emotional fragility of a 7-year old girl and will look up to every new romance interest based on her ability to mother and "protect" him. Sissyfags aren't really past the weaning phase of being breast-fed by their mothers. Clearly, the only thing they would find of remote sexual interest is a woman's large motherly boobs. You'll find these creatures hang out in places which draw large numbers of soccer moms with kids: schools, educational institutes, sports ground, etc. They'll be out of place in a manly bar even though they like to show off their absent manhood by ordering the latest scotch whisky or cussing in German. Sissyfags are really death scared of being picked by men of their own age on for being weirdos so they feel safest among kids when their mothers aren't around. Clearly, teaching at K-12 and primary schools comes naturally to them as it brings them closer to single mothers.
1. Robin Williams (he married his own child's nanny)

2. Sissyfag billionaire: "I'm misisng my momma so much."
Goldigger bitch: "Oh, my baby, dont'cha worry I'll make your momma's favorite pancakes. She gave me the recipe last time we met."
Sissyfag billionaire: (smugly satisfied, goes off to sleep)
by Guru Gulab Khatri November 18, 2012
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