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a add on to sissy it takes it to the next level. it can also be used to describe somone gay.
man, quit being such a sissy LALA!
by ryan watt April 21, 2005
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a person or person who are acting like a big baby.
Anna-Lisa, Felicia and Lavynder are Sissy La-La's when it comes to going out to party!
by Amy Abell September 19, 2003
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A. The annoying sound your little sister makes constantly when she doesn’t get her way.

b. A tormenting sound you wish to make go away and has the tendency to make one who is being tormented to scream out "MOM" to make it stop! Yet this action has little effect if none!

c. The ability to whine and complain so much it makes people around you go completely bonkers and possible harm you.

d. The physical reaction of a man's scrotum to shrivel up due to excessive whining.

e. The act of a woman getting a Tatoo of a Skull on her chest to over compensate the fact she was a sissyLaLa when she was a kid.
1) Jimmy cried out for his mother to get his sister to stop sissyLaLa'ing.

2) Chuck Liddel whooped that guy's ass for being a sissyLaLa!

3) The Doctor reported the patient suffers from SissyLaLa Syndrome and will never recover his testicals!

4) Dam Stacy, Ur still a Sissylala even though you got that Manly Tatoo on ur chest.
by ImNoturDaddy June 28, 2012
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Sissy lalas are described as wussy-like, wimpy, very girly and generally unmanly and feminine-like individuals. More used towards male individuals to make fun of or hit them up with the truth that their MOTHERFUCKING Pussies. Sissy lalas can also be described as faggy, queer-like, and gay individuals also. So you see, JUST don't be A Sissy Lala or you will get your pussy ass beat by your father or ... even shot down by flying crips and bloods from up in the sky..
( sissy-lala ): Daddy ..?
( Daddy ): Call me Antonio !!

( Daddy beats sissy lala's ass )
by exploding air plane 6969 August 06, 2017
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