(Pejorative) A term of opporobrium used to denigrate the targeted person's masculinity, typically directed towards someone with whom one has a violent disagreement over politics or philosophy. (Southeastern U.S. usage, since at least circa 1955)
Former Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, when running for President on the American Independent Party ticket in 1968, castigated Democratic presidential nominee Hubert H. Humphrey and other northern liberals and supporters of desegregation & affirmative action as a "group of goddamned, mealy mouthed sissy britches."

"For all the 'celebrities' who want to move to Canada, i say go. if you don't like the way Pres. Bush is running our country, get the hell out. same with all you other people. you do NOT have to stay here. if you don't like freedom and the prospect of defending it, GET THE FUCK OUT. we don't need people like you trashing-talking our country. we need more people who are willing to kick some ass to protect it. not some sissy-britches libral. it is true that Bush KICKS ASS!"

-- posted by trustworthy demon 711, Americans Moving to Canada Forum
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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