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noun /ˌsairənˈdɪpɪti/ sair-uhn-dip-i-tee
A contraction of the word serendipity and the "SIREN" logo adopted/used by Starbucks Corporation.
The fact of something interesting or pleasant happening by chance as related to Starbucks.
The antithesis of the notion that the only thing consistent about Starbucks is its inconsistencies.
1) Sirendipity! The faculty of making fortunate flavour discoveries by accident. i.e. Like finding out that, though you may never have put smoked sea salt on a blended caramel beverage, it actually tastes good!

2) Sirendipity! ALL your FREE BEVERAGE REWARD COUPONS actually DO arrive, on time. (Postal theft is rare. Though amazingly many postcards sent by USPS emblazoned with the words "The next one's on us" & "FREE DRINK" somehow magically disappear, in disproportionate numbers. Anyone notice their letter carrier gaining weight lately?)

3) Oh joy, sirendipity! Actually having your favourite beverage turn out the same way twice, especially when ordered at another Starbucks location. (Starbucks allegedly does follow 'standard recipes. ALLEGEDLY!)

4) A sirendipitous moment. (adj) Showing up at five minutes before closing, finding the door unlocked, and a smiling barista happy to make your five extra shot blended beverage AFTER all the blenders have already been cleaned.

5) A sirendipitous moment. (adj) Finding ANY barista, late at night, who will offer you a 'POUR OVER', rather than a Caffè Americano.
(A Caffè Americano is a coffee beverage produced with an espresso shot (or more) diluted with boiled water.
A 'POUR OVER' is nothing more than hot water poured through ground coffee, placed in a paper filter. aka Melitta Method. As a 'pour over' requires much more work, many baristas are reluctant to actually go to the extra trouble.)
by SirMark2 July 30, 2013
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