Sinise is a very interesting name. She is usually so crazy she cant keep any friends but is very sweet on the inside. Sinises are very skinny and beautiful without trying. A Sinise has a reputation of crushing on other peoples crushes without realizing. She can also scare people away without knowing. Even though she does this, she is so kind and caring :)
Person: Wow that girl is crazy
Other person: she is a Sinise!
Guy: how can a girl be so crazy and hot?!
by Kitty123456 March 02, 2018
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Verb, English,
1.To shit on someones face with rage, coined after I decided that Gary Sinise's acting was so bad, that I wanted to shit on his face with rage.
This guy was so annoying I just wanted to Sinise him so bad.
Yea he really deserves a good Sinising.
by Dyno114104 November 01, 2010
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Having the ability to state the obvious in a monotone voice in any given situation. All while standing over a dead body.
Jeff was giving me the Gary sinise effect yesterday. He just kept stating the obvious about everything I said.
by LittleBrittle81 July 20, 2013
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