when you feel like everyone is picking on you.
Kate felt singled out because people referred to her as "pale girl".
by Shitter666 September 17, 2006
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Attractive single mom who flirts with a married man only to reject them once they divorce their wife. Generally a SOM has no attraction to the married man in question. Many times the SOM was very clear she had no interest but the man can’t handle the reality and leaves his wife anyway.
My friend left his wife for a singled out mother who ran the minute he was available
by Lifecoach to the stars March 17, 2022
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when there is a couple and when they are together they are going out, but when they are alone they are counted as single leaving them free to do as will.
Therefor it is when you and a girl/boy are not officially a couple but you are more then friends with benefits
guy 1 - dude, don't hook up with her you have your girlfriend!
guy 2 - narr mate she's not my girlfriend we are just 'single going out' and shes not here so i can do what i want with who i want.
guy 1 - ohok mad bro, GO FOR IT!
by Joel121212 March 22, 2008
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