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The Single Eiffel Tower is an example of pure art. To begin to perform such an amazing act, one must first find a partner. Ideally, you would find your partner to be that of someone you fancy (Ie, girlfriend, boyfriend, mate..etc... ). First, start by removing both yours and your partner's clothing. Secondly, have the male in the situation stand over your laid out partner. Placing your feet shoulder width apart and raising your hands above your head and joining them together. The last step seems simple but takes an immense amount of focus. With your hands raised and your feet shoulder-width apart, straddled over your sprawled out partner, bend your knees gradually until your testicles create contact with your partners face, hence creating the shape of the great Eiffel Tower. Repeat the last step until satisfied.

A.K.A- "eiffel tower for one"
Hey man, I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight and give me a single eiffel tower?

Yo man, last night I totally gave my mom a single eiffel tower!
by TowerMe November 21, 2017
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