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A hot piece of meat but with a small to average penis. Enjoys masturbating and showing off his cock. He is a good guy and always nice.
He's doing a simonds.
by hello85 August 13, 2011
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To have to listen to a seemingly endless and pointless story of misery about a buddys girl, often making the buddy look like a spineless pussy or someone who doesn't wear the Pants. Byached, seconded, bitch_dogged, Slutted, SCAM
My buddies so Simond, he worked all day and's watching the kid while his gurl got out to get crunked. What a Batch!
by Cold_Plays December 25, 2007
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When your courting game consists exclusively of annoying amounts of social media spamming and trying to guilt trip girls into "friend sleepovers" while acknowledging you are in the friend zone and not caring how desperate you are starting to look.
PERSON 1. "Did you hear that Kelly had to turn her phone off the notification spam got soo bad, now hes bought her tickets to dinner and a show....and is using it as leverage to try get her to sleep over?"

PERSON 2. "Shit man, shes getting proper simon'd....RIP"
by Morphiend June 14, 2017
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