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Bassist of the band the cure, robert smith's best friend. He had been kicked out in 1982, Smith and him got in a fight at the pub and they just grew apart, later Smith asked for him back in 1985 to make <i>The Head On The Door</i> and he hasn't been kicked out since then, he was once replaced during the Wish tour because he became extremely sick and Roberto Suave replaced him, but that's it, seems like he's there to stay!
"I think Simon Gallup is amazing, the bassline for The Hanging Garden" is wonderful"

Funny guy too!:

is there one piece of criticism that sticks in your mind?
yes. "you are not very good at hoovering simon" by peg gallup, 1960.

what was the best advice you've ever received?
"try plugging the hoover in first, simon".

what characteristics do you think you've inherited from your parents?

by curehead January 11, 2006
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awesome bassist for the cure

and he has awesome hair =D
let's go listen to lovecats it has awesome bass

smart person: simon gallup is the awesomest bassist ever

dumbass: yo let's go listen to 50 cent

smart person: you, my friend, are a dumbass
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