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a white girl who:
-is unreligious
-has a rockin booty
normal person1: oh man look at that simbah over their!
normal person2: what is a simbah my kind fellow?
normal person1: well young man, a simbah is a teenage girl who is unreligious, frusterating, emo, and has a rockin booty.
normal person2: OH WOW I WANT ME A SIMBAH!
normal person1: well is your name hugo?
normal person2: no, my name is jose.
normal person1: then i am sorry she will not date you, but we can worship from afar
normal person1+2: *down on there knees* WE ARE NOT WORTHY WE ARE NOT WORTHY
by FFTLisbetterthanHU June 23, 2006
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A loud, abnoxious, annoying white kid that complains about everything while remaining gay all together.
by Dont Know January 12, 2005
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