In gay porn, an older man. The same as a "daddy," but with grey hair.

Usually in their 60's and up.
Matt: "Hey, Emjed! Did you have fun with your silver daddy last night?"

Emjed: "Boy, did I! He was so wrinkly and grey. Mmmm. Mmmm. Good."
by Mulefas June 23, 2008
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Among gay men, an older guy with grey hair who still has a youthful appearance and is considered attractive because of those attributes. Can be in his 30's or 40's. More or less the gay equivalent of DILF.
Wow, that is one hot silver daddy! His short grey hair and gorgeous body turn me on!
by Chrisilverdaddy December 6, 2008
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A father who is never around, never supports their child financially, who shows up for a brief period of time and showers the child in gifts, money or experiences before disappearing again. Based on original magic disappearing acts using a Silver Dollar.
He was a silver dollar daddy, bought the kids an Xbox when he came by two years ago, but the kids haven't heard or seen from his since.
by Avice Muir August 3, 2021
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