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V. signT, si-nt,

To affix one's signature to.
To write (one's signature).
To approve or ratify (a document) by affixing a signature, seal, or other mark: sign a bill into law.
To hire or engage by obtaining a signature on a contract: signed a rookie pitcher for next season; sign up actors for a tour.
To relinquish or transfer title to by signature: signed away all her claims to the estate.
To provide with a sign or signs: sign a new highway.
To communicate with a sign or signs: signed his approval with a nod.
To express (a word or thought, for example) by sign language: signed her reply to the question.
To consecrate with the sign of the cross.
Bill went to vote and realized that he had not yet signt up for it.
by Craig Oliver May 13, 2008
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