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An amazing girl who blows you away every time you look at her. A Siedah has gorgeous eyes that you can stare into for days and a body that'll kill every guy she walks by. A Siedah loves to have fun and is very relaxed in relationships and try to at least give everybody a chance, or make it seem like theres a chance. Though a Siedah can start out on the shy side, once she opens up to you she'll never shut up, which is a blessing and a curse. Usually very relaxed and easygoing, Siedah's know how to have fun though sometimes they can take it too far. A majority of Siedah's can't stand shopping or any type of retail therapy and prefer to eat. Siedah's are incredibly chill, sometime to the point where they look bored.
Guy 1: Hey, dude, that girl is a Siedah
Guy 2: Damn, she's cute
by The main man in charge August 07, 2013
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