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A silly disrespectful person who is taller than others. Has a very perky personality can be annoying some times. Loves to make her friends laugh. Even though she is super happy all the time she has family problems yet she will always be there for her friends. She will beat who's ever ass she has to to make her friends happy again and lastly she is a very laughy type of person she could actually due if laughter.
Wow u laugh alot I am surprised I am not talking to siddalee
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Ahh Siddalee she is a person you never want to let go of yea she can be a bitch but she is a really good friend she is also a big goof she can be very retarded at times and once she gets used to you you will see her other side you dont want to disrespect her cause then you will see her bad sideπŸ’¬πŸ—£(she is also very loyal hhu )
Boy 1*DAMN is that ur girl
Boy 2* hell ya
Boy 1* whats her name??
Boy 2* siddalee

Boy 3 * ohh you dont wanna let her go thats a good one right there and she hella cute
Boy 2* yea but shes mine so btfu
by TrevorFromRoseShaw March 04, 2019
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