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not the same as a CyberGoth - I had always thought of myself as a cybergoth, but then I read the description in various places, and it certainly didn't match what I had in mind. So, I just invented SiberGoth. Someone who is cool, dark, gothy and has an interest in technology. A Sibergoth would never wear gaudy colours or flaunt. My clothes are ALL black, I don't have any jewellery or extra fittings that aren't essential - I will be plugged into an iPod playing Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, the Cure, Opeth, etc etc most of the time and I will avoid crowds and people were possible. There are few other SiberGoths at this time. a google search and domain search brought up nothing, so I have to imagine that I am the only person ever to have used the word before...
its all about being cool and dark and teccie.
by Adam October 24, 2004
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