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a phrase said to a woman after it is found that she speaks out of turn or profoundly, usually followed by a punch or slap to the face.
ren: "me and my wife are going to go golfing today."

mike: "oh really? you're going to that old, run down course by the river, right?"

jenny: "it's a nice course!"

*ren slaps jenny*

ren: "you shut your whore mouth when men are talking!"
by dagreatdane4 July 01, 2009
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a saying by men who are afraid of what their women will do, but it is understood that this will emanate from them, kind of lke a fart, we laugh and we deal, a phrase that may result in death by laughter alone. Go ahead: Tell a woman to "Shut your whore mouth" and see what happens. It cracks me up every time. Aphrodesiac. Laughter.
He decided to go somewhere else and she said "SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH" and he digressed and went home to complete his task of washing the dishes. Like a little workslit. (YUP look it up ladies, I said that)

She told him what to do, he as a dumbass, asked how to do it and she told him to "Shut your Whore Mouth" and he immediately knew how to proceed.

NOUN: a very finite way to convey your intent.


He said "Shut your whore mouth" and she laughed at him, knowing full well that this is pure foreplay and that her desires would be met instantly.

by Proof of troof YO September 04, 2018
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