references the popular kindergarten past-time involving line art and various multicolored crayons, also known as "coloring". coloring often results in an all-consuming, zombie-like preoccupation of the participant with the activity at hand and a subsequent obliviousness to the rest of the world as he/she bravely endeavors to stay inside the lines.

1.) <direct command; imperative> a streamlined and highly economical verbal jab that efficiently informs the receiving end to—in the following order—(a) step the fuck off, (b) shut the hell up and (c) mind their own goddamn business without actually having to use any profanity oneself.

as found for virtually every 4 word command, one may also come across "SUAC," or the acronym version of the phrase.

2.) <adjective> may also be used as a modifier to describe a nature, behavior or policy of willful ignorance; to turn a blind eye to something/someone.
1-a.) "that insincere meddlesome busybody at the office came up to me by the water cooler today and started talking shit about the new temp. i knew she was making all of it up and i was so hungover and tired of her constant gossiping that i was about to tell the bitch to fuck off and die but then i saw that the department manager within earshot so i told her to go shut up and color instead."

1-b.) "hey what's behind that door that says RESTRICTED: FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY anyways?"

"nothing. go shut up and color."

2-a) "even though he knows all about the ceo embezzlement, the vice chairman's inclinations toward sexual harassment of female employees and the chief financial officer's insider trading habits, david's sycophantic, shut up and color attitude at work has gotten him far up the corporate ladder and the owner's asses."
by retcon May 25, 2011
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