A shaggy version of the mullet. Seen mostly on girls with too many layers in their hair.
by Q.I.C October 18, 2004
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usually a fat, greasy, annoying kid has this.
it is hair that is short in the front
and longer in the back, but not a mullet,
also extremely greasy.
"Hey guys did you see Dayne's shullet today? It's looking extra greasy!"
by Paul Zunkle October 10, 2007
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Shullet=Shit Mullet

A Shullet occurs on the occasion that a parent gives their child a piggy back ride and whilst atop their parents shoulders the child unleashes their bowels or their diaper leaks resulting in a shit stain on the back their parents neck.

Business in the Front, Potty in the back.
I think that Dad needs to teach their kid to chew their food more because I can see pieces of corn in that Shullet.
by Ilikejellybeans November 10, 2015
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A shirt that is business in the front and partylike in the back.
Shullet's are made by Billabong. I ve seen some from Banana Republic as well.
by Justin Monin November 13, 2007
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