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Oh, now!!! 1st ENTRY!!!

Noun or Adjective
This is a term that my GrandMa used back when I was a little girl. (I'm 47, so this lets you in on how old this word is)

A ShuggaFoot is Sissy or a CandyMan wanting to dress like a "man", but has the mannerisms of a woman. Switching, Holding his hands on his hips-with the hip poked out, Talking with his hands, Smacking his lips after EVERY FUCKING SENTENCE, or Shielding his mouth when he laughs or finds something funny.

This word is NOT for the politically correct!!!
"We were going to go to choir rehearsal at Friendship Baptist church, but who wanna be competing with all them ShuggaFoots in the stand?" (Noun)

"Girl, you better get his little ass in football or something or he gonna grow with that old ShuggaFoot mentality." (Adjective)

"Dat man know he is too fine to be a damn ShuggaFoot!" (Noun)

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by HerRealNameIs January 11, 2018
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