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the term shudley can be used as both an adjective and a noun. def: a wildy immature individual who lacks appropriate control of tear ducts, especially after sex. this individual is likely to consistantly say/do the wrong thing at crucial moments in the courting process (eg. detailing his belief that your best friend is his soulmate and he wishes he met her first, but can he still come over later for a blowjob?). most often this individual can be found roaming the coastal regions of California. it should be noted that this sort of individual has a propensity for both drama and fibbing. while this description pertains mostly to a "shudley" individual's behavior, the term itself best describes mediocre looks.
"how is shudley?" when refering to a freind's mistake of a trist.
"he's good." says the friend
"well he certainly is a hideous shud of a man, isn't he?"
"he's my 'moped'. and he just moved here, so shut up."
by tye rose January 18, 2007
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A strange guy from South Africa. who likes, ur-ling-par-ling-chow.
by Bob November 01, 2003
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