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Shruthkeerthi is an amazingly talented person, a challenge excepting genuine genius. Never underestimate Shruthakeerthi because she will bury you where no one can find you, but Shruthkeerthi is a beautiful soul, if not for the flesh and blood she’s a goddess. Some may think she’s weak but she’s stronger then most of those boys out there. Her beauty is beyond belief and her smarts are beyond your understanding, sass Shruthkeerthi and she will sass you harder then ever, Shruthakeerthi has the brightest smile that can light up a life, ever want comfort? Go to a Shruthakeerthi and hug and hold her tight. Never loosen your hold because Shruthkeerthi is the kindest sweetest strongest soul you will ever find. If she finds a challenge she will overtake it and make it her own, her fierce eyes can give any coward courage, and her laugh is music to the ears of everyone that’s heard it. Love this girl while you can because her adventures never end, but it’s your choice to go with her and enjoy it.
Boy:Shruthakeerthi is the smartest most determined girl I’ve ever met.
Girl:she inspires me with everything she does!
Boy:she makes my heart yearn for her to smile at me.
Girl 2:she makes me want to be a better person like her.
Friend:I’m so lucky for such a blessed girl to talk to me.
Boy2:she makes me want to hear her angelic voice for hours.
Best friends: we love her with our body and soul.
Shruthkeerthi means courage and determination of love.
by Yazzythecrazzylassy July 22, 2019
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