Top definition odd replacement word for various swears and exclamations, such as 'shit,' 'fuck,' or 'damn'

2. cool, awesome, 'chic'
1. "You shriffing idiot! You just drove my car over a shriffing CLIFF!"
"This concert is shriffing awesome!"

2. "That new hat is so shriff on you."
by iks August 14, 2005
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A guitar Rhythm/Riff in a song that incorporates characteristics of 'Shred' guitar with in. General characteristics of a 'Shriff' is as follows but not limited to: Finger Tapping, Arpeggios, Sweep Picking, Whammy Bar Dives/Pulls, etc. All of these techniques can be incorporated into a songs rhythm section to create a 'Shriff'. Some of the best 'Shriff's' are those that also include melodic and memorable phrasing.
Joe Satriani's 'Satch Boogie' has one of the most well written SHRIFFS ever!
Eddie Van Halen is SHRIFFING hard in his 'Hot For Teacher' Intro
by Masters of Shred September 21, 2017
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