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a shirt that is long enough to 1)be worn as a dress and 2)make up for the lack of pants.
that girl wearing that shress is totally getting fucked tonight.
by John T.K. February 15, 2008
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An article of clothing that is a mix between a shirt and a dress. Best described as those frilly tops that girls wear over jeans or tights and often wear boots along with them.
Vanessa looked great in her bright green shress and matching boots.

Forever 21 has a lot of shresses.
by Gilbert M. August 22, 2006
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An article of clothing designed to be worn as a shirt in which slutty girls try to pull off as a dress for occasions such as frat parties, clubbing, etc. Typically revealing the female's underwear and/or ass.
Dante - Shit! I can see the bottom half of Nicole's ass without even trying to look!

Alex - That's because she's wearing a shress.
by all4shresses December 18, 2009
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