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this word is for people that don't know how to spell or make music. if you make a "rap" group using this as your name you're clearly mentally retarded and the fact of the matter is you need to realize you are a grown up and that being from west view, you do not classify as "ghetto". Its pathetic how you can call out women also because you gotta be a real hard ass if you can talk shit on a girl...... furthermore if this is the name of your "production" company you might wanna call it quits cause my guess is that your dad touches you too much and that is the reason you lash out on other people because of how insecure you truly are.....
1st person: hey man, my retarded friend's new nick name is, "showtyme."
2nd person:
He should probably go run into oncoming traffic....
by getfucked21 November 25, 2010
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