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The attempt or carried out act of destruction for the purpose of spite or impending doom. Destroying something or doing something out of spite.
I will west view the crap out of this bar if they make me leave.
by Ferris5150 December 12, 2011
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an underground military installation/ missile silo, located just west of rancho penasquitos, san diego, california, which is disguised as a high school, actually titled as a "learning community". This can be proven through several examples, including large air conditioners on top of buildings, and the "off limits" pool building, also the elevator that goes down under the ground. Plus, the school is shaped like an enourmous satellite dish.
"Learning Community: It either sounds like we are dumb, or poor....or both."
"Westview is out to get us"
by Anonomyous Guy April 01, 2003
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The richest school in the Poway Unified School District. Located 20 miles north of Dowtown, San Diego. Funded by Governor Davis as a secret operation headquarters. Contains nuclear and atomic bombs in order to gain revenge to all californians that recalled Davis.
Don't go to Westview. You'll get nuked.
by Ragupati Raam March 31, 2004
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high school with amazing amout of influence from filipinos, veitnamese, and chinese people. so from all that influence, we have sophomores taking calc bc, half the school reads manga, and we have a split of the student body, even though they say they don't have cliques. we have two cliques: cool, and not cool. Teachers don't usually care about how students do, except for some algebra 3/4 teachers and a honors humanities teacher. they have this term system, so classes that would be a year long in a regular school are a semester or term long at westview.
by Sonali Kumar May 31, 2008
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A "learning center"(wat the fuck haha) that is part of PUSD that shouldnt be, whos students are douches. They also get their asses handed to them everytime the dual MC.
" Last time MC dualed Westview the final score was 56-12 MC
by MC's biggest fan June 24, 2006
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westview...really the poorest school in PUSD...there in so much dept that its not even funny anymore...ther school looks nice...but...they're so poor that MC students would get free stuff while Westview students have to pay 8 dollars for
Mc students: i cant believe we got the planers for free!!

Wv student: aww shit..i had to pay 8 bux for mine =(
by ben January 30, 2005
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