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Similiar in meaning to the phrase "showing your ass", which according to Urban Dictionary def.#2 is "making yourself look like a jackass or an asshole, being a dick. embarrassing yourself or the people you are with in public or in front of other people, usually by doing something socially unacceptable. exposing your true colors in a negative way. also, having a nasty attitude in a public setting."

However, the difference is "actually being an asshole, actually being a dick, not being embarassed by that fact despite it being socially unacceptable, exposing your true colors in a bluntly truthful way; appropriately lacking tact where tact is not warranted; calling out shit like it is".
i.e. "Eric, you're showing your dick again."

"Yeah, Eric, you're such a dick."

"At least I won't bullshit you."
by Defiant6 March 14, 2015
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