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The term showerface, originated from Bow E3, which is in east london.
the word shower face, or shower man
is somebody, who does what they have to.

the word showerface, has been interpretated differently from its original meaning.
it now means something good
such as, "yeah thats shower" meaning, yeh thats good
since then, it has also been shortened, and another word from within has been created.
which began by an mc from meridian called skepta.
sho sho, is a north london word which began in tottenham.
sho sho, just means somethings good
an example is

"Im a showerface guy, and im going on shower"
which was used by an mc called Skepta in lady sovereigns adidas hoody remix.

this basically means, he is the type of guy who does what he has to do, and he will do it.

the term was created by roll deep crew.
It was created, just before roll deep crew brought out there debut album, "in at the deep end" there is a documentary attached to the dvd, defining the word.
by Anjoo December 02, 2007
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Having a warm face all night as a result of getting ready too quickly after coming out of the shower. Not fun
Boy 1: I got dressed and ready to go out in 10 minutes after coming out of the shower.
Boy 2: Cool.
Boy 1: Not cool. I've got wile Shower Face
by Colm. December 27, 2008
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Originated on the streets of Southgate, North East London, meaning a person who can be upholded to being on top of his/her game.

A showerface is like a symbol, an icon of his/her area who people can't question, but just admire. Used widely in GRIME lyrics by the like of KANO, WILEY, SKEPTA, BIMAL and many others.

people now utilise the word to describe the leader or a person with influence.
'whats up showerface?' or 'whens the showerface coming' or that man's a true showerface.
by joshiman May 18, 2007
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