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Shorna is a name often found within countries that are well-known for their manufacturing of curry products, such as India and Bangladesh. It is also a name used to describe those of a very homosexual nature, and those who are often seen making quite sexual puns about various sorts of sexual tapes, such as gay porn. Some may even refer to those named Shorna as being a "curry fag", or maybe even just a simple "desi lesbian", but if there is anything that a person can be certain of, it is that anyone who is miraculously named Shorna will most likely have an amazing body, especially with an added emphasis in the breast-area.
Person 1: Was that just a Shorna who passed us by?
Person 2: Yeah, that had to be a Shorna. I mean, did you see her tits!? She looked like Goddess who was dipped into a bowl full of curry and honey juice.
by SallyHnasen2123 April 24, 2013
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