A popular game mode in worms, a strategy computer game in which the player leads a squad of worms in turn-based battles using bizarre weapons like the Concrete Donkey or the Banana Bomb. In this game mode you are given three worms (depending on the number of people who play), and you start with only infinite ninja rope with infinite repeat swings and infinite parachute. You can only get weapons from crates which materialize on the map, one each turn. The main rules to this style of play are attack from the rope (unless the type of weapon prohibits this), abbreviated afr; collect a crate before attacking, cba; attack all but the person in last place, abl; and kill the cow (the noob or person who violates the rules), ktc. Usually all these rules are implemented in play unless otherwise stated by the host.
Don't you know the rules to shoppa, you filthy little cow? I'll kick your bloody arse to smithereens!! Bloody hell!
by i swear to drunk i'm not god August 09, 2005
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A person of predominantly post-pubescent age whom, through an idea of unconformity, decides to become a walking advertisement for HotTopic (unknowing that every other shoppa dresses and/or accessories the same way). Usually found in large herds or flocks, grazing on cheap cigarettes with the rest of their species/store-mates. Most shoppas can be identified by the following:

1. Black, baggy cargo pants which extend down past the foot. Pants usually include D-rings, excessive zippers, useless pockets, and randomly placed bright and colorful straps.

2. Usually is found wearing a shirt which shows idolization of bands such as "Korn", "Slipknot", "Marilyn Manson" or any other group associated with crappy music.

3. When dressed in all black (as most are), will be found with an irrelevantly large amount of jelly bracelets, usually looped using two separate ones. Also, chains and bondage straps may hang from pants.

4. Will appear with a dark, foreboding, kindergoth messenger bag with an insignia of "Invader Zim" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas" upon it.

5. Some shoppas abuse most decent shows/movies by placing unneeded pins, patches or other attached or pinned-up accessories (i.e. Nightmare before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc.)

6. Most shoppas refer to themselves as "gothic", when in actuality, a lifestyle such as it should be acknowledged and not expressed through reference. (Those who are actually in a scene usually don't call themselves it, since it will automatically make them sound as if they are a poseur)
Person #1: Hey, did you see that girl in all that HotTopic gear?

Person #2: Yeah man, she's such a shoppa!
by Sarus Raine/JQ May 05, 2005
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Dutch slang for a coffeeshop, which is an establishment where u can get weed or hashish. Contrary to popular belief this isn't actually legal, but semi-legal. The Dutch term for that is "gedogen" which means "not to be prosecuted in law".
Gotta drop by the shoppa dude, need some mo' (which I do not recommend btw!)
by Bill Gate$ April 12, 2009
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