To go from store to store in search of great prices and good products
I shop hop for organic food to stay in my budget. I shop at 3 different grocery stores. I like shop hopping to save money.
by Mshealthycanbegood April 26, 2016
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Some bitch trying to hop up onto a pole and ends up on her ass, sprawled out on the ground, heels to Jesus. Can also be used to describe bar hopping.
"Please hold while I hop shop real quick." (proceeds to climb onto a pole)

"Where should we hop shop tonight, 10th street?"
by bigbootyjudyFORLIFE October 18, 2013
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The hip hop shop was the main place where eminem used to do rap battles at. He often sold t shirts, his raps, mixtapes, and so on. The hip hop shop is in detroit michigan.
by Billy bobbbbbbbbbbb November 08, 2011
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