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Brief History: The origin of the term "Shootin' Cheese" dates back to the early 1900's. It was mostly used by upper class royalty to "stunt" on lower class peasants. So i guess you could say that "Shootin' Cheese" is the founding father of slang. But since then the word has not been used at all and has been selfishly erased from all our history books. But our 1900's History experts (whose names will not be disclosed) have resurrected the term "shootin' cheese", God Bless their Souls. They have done so because, being the great men that they are, have noticed that the slang going around now is just mediocre.

Definition: The term "Shootin' Cheese" has multiple meanings and ways of using. The primary meaning is to beat someone up or win in some type of competition. Other meanings are, to be the best or to "lay the pipe" on a female.
"All these Haters... and not one of them is Shootin' Cheese"

"Rambo and Isiah stay shootin cheese, like wheres the macaroni?"

"We stay shootin' cheese on these CareBare a** niggas"

"shootin' in some cheese at the gym"

Im about to shoot cheese on you in COD"

"Shootin' Cheese, you already know"
by Pipe Masters November 03, 2009
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