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a phrase said when something sucks very very very much or is crappy. especially when you are very bored or someone you hate walks into the room.
alba: erin just walked in the room.
elizabeth: oh my god, shoot me in the face
by elizabethandalba December 21, 2008
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When someone is doing/saying something that is killing you and you want to get it over with you could use the term β€˜shoot me in the face’. This is because when one is shot in the face they don’t feel any pain they simply die :(
You: *Cleans room*
Mom: *Walks in room, finds one sock*
Mom: Why is your room so dirty?
You: (Probably not out loud if you don’t want ur ass whooped) Shoot me in the face.
by Bobthemotherfuckinbuilder July 19, 2018
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