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Definition 1: Word used to describe a shone who performs hoish activities. A girl, or sometimes a guy that is on the prowl searching for members of the opposite sex to fuck.

Definition 2: The act of being a shone. One who engages in sexual intercourse with someone who they are not in a relationship with, usually while already in a relationship with somebody else.
example 1:

Kent: dat ho over there already done fucked about 25 niggas tonight, I know i can get her next!

Kirby: She got a crazy sex face and you know she lookin for number 26. She's fiendin for that cock. Damn, that ho is shonin'

Example 2:

Annette: We're through B! and i had sex wit 8 other niggaz while we were dating!

Bryant: OMG you were shonin on me the whole time? I can not believe you would do that to me. I loved you. You really are nothin but a shone!
by mattda59 April 12, 2008
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