(MADE IN MIAMI Fl.)A girl who is having sex with people in your neighbor hood or always dissapearing and people suspect it.
A girl walks down the street and you know shes nasty they yell out "SHONE!" or "SHONEIN AZZ BITCH!''
by Coconut Grove City May 21, 2010
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Word mostly used in southern states,like Miami.It comes from the word "charony" in Haitian creole which means whore,slut.
Shanice is such a shone...
I'm tryin to get some shones for tonight
by kickzzz October 11, 2008
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A female who is known to have sexual relations with numerous persons and is known to be "easy" or "fast", and as a result of being a shone the female will become pregnant and usually will not know who the father of the baby will be, AND/OR she will come in contact with an STD.
She was labeled a shone, after the guys had seen her have sexual intercourse with four guys at the party.
by boss2012 August 12, 2012
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Mythical goddess of the sun. She is compassionate, virtuous and loyal. She loves animals. She is not afraid to put people in their place if they have caused harm to those she cares about or loves.
Shone is awesome.
by MarSam October 1, 2012
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A person who exhibits behavior that you do not like. Some one who doesn't wear clothes.
-"Can I have a pencil" "no" "ok SHONE"
-Look at that shone in those short shorts.
by CA senior March 25, 2011
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To shit while on the phone = To Shone
Can also be used in the continuous form, i.e. "Shoning"

Variations include:

"Making a shone call."
"Being on the shone"

Also see:

"Shonerbating/To Shonerbate."

Keep in mind that while the activity of "Shoning" has been popular amongst men since the invention of the telephone but the term "SHONING" was only invented on 01/09/2010. By creative genius D.T.C.
1) "George, why am I hearing an echo...MAN ARE YOU SHONING ME AGAIN"

2)"No George is not talking to himself on the toilet, he's just 'ON THE SHONE' again."

3)"Please excuse me George, I'm so pressed for time today, I have an urgent 'Shone call' to make before the meeting."
by Dylan the villain September 2, 2010
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