You have totally missed the point of a shoelace belt. Skateboarders wear it for functionality not style it doesn't feel very comfortable having a real belt digging in your side while bending down for pop. True some belts feel better than others, but it does not compare to a shoelace belt.
People not being lazy or trying to be cool while wearing a shoelace belt example REAL skateboarders.
by bigohiostatus April 18, 2008
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shoelace belt is used by skateboarders for comfort and better support. Rather than having a thick belt that digs into your hip when bending down or when you fall from doing a set (also tear a lot faster, even if belt is leather) you wear a shoelace belt. Also, shoelaces can be tied to a comfort that isn't gained from a normal belt.

Extra shoelaces are received when you buy skate shoe's cause we tear are laces a lot. They can be used as belts, but most shop's that sell skateboarding pants sell them with shoelace belts (i.e why they are designed by skateboarders).
Ex.1 Boy skating off a set of stairs lands on his side, hurting from his studded belt, doesn't want to do the trick.
Girl skating off a set of stairs falls. Despite the pain, she's still feeling okay enough to try again.

Ex.2 Girl at amusement park washroom, and the lock is broken. she screwed if someone accidentally opens the door on her.
Boy at amusement park washroom, and lock is broken. Uses shoelace belt to tie door locked.
by one15_nate December 24, 2009
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a shoelace belt is worn by a skateboarder because a regular belt hurts when you fall on it (especially the buckle) and gets in the way when your doing aerial tricks.
tying a shoelace around your waist as if it were a belt, hence shoelace belt
by Sk8Status October 29, 2010
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Using a shoelace as a belt ;in most cases your ethier lazy or wanting to be cool.
Skateboarders oftend have a pair of extra shoelaces,or shoe strings, that come with a new pair of shoes, therefore causeing them to have the need to be cool,causeing them to "rock" or wear a shoelace as a belt. in many cases "posers" also want to be cool, so they to try and "rock" shoelace belts, most times ending in failure.
by Connor Malto October 27, 2007
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What skateboarders use as a belt, but is slowly being turned into something "trendy."
People believe that it's just a trend when it really is not.
True skateboarders will know that a shoelace belt not only keeps you from sagging to much, but also allows freedom of movement for positioning during tricks (trust me a regular belt will dig into your sides), it also is used for replacement of snapped skate shoelaces.
Bro1: "Dang it bro, I just snapped a shoelace trying to back three that sketchy set."
Bro2: "Don't fret man, I got you on lock with my shoelace belt."
Bro1: "Right on. I can never skate when my shoes are loose."
by Johnnygetsilly January 27, 2011
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A shoelace belt is not for bending dowm when you skate, thats a complete misunderstanding. A shoelace belt is worn because it holds up your pants better when you are doing stairs.
When Kyle had to ollie the 8 step he proffered to where a shoelace belt than normal belt
by Ronnie "timmy" January 19, 2009
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Shoelace belts have probably been around since shoelaces were invented. They were originally a product of necessity: you lose your regular belt, you're short on time, so you grab an old shoe, yank out the lace and floss it through your beltloops. Bingo.
Possibly the first famous person to wear a shoelace belt was skateboarder Rodney Mullen, thus making shoelace belts popular with skateboarders. Now, all sorts of people are wearing shoelace belts including hip hop star, Wiz Khalifa.
Companies such as Panasaya Clothing are even making shoelace belt made from laces specifically designed to be used as belts so they won't stretch, like normal shoelaces.
My old belt broke so i'm rockin a shoelace belt.
by Sk4teN3rd June 16, 2011
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