"Sho'nuff" is an abbreviation of "sure enough".
It can replace -most certainly-

"..If we don't stop this we sho'nuff goin' die" (from the song CAN WE FIND A REASON by lenny Kravitz)

If we don't stop what we are doing we're most certainly going to die.

by Simone Attivissimo September 05, 2006
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the meanest baddest mofo lowdown around town
when i say whos the masta, you say SHO'NUFF
by mr dre December 20, 2006
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to agree with ones ideas or beliefs, or to acknowledge being talked to.
playa 1. awww shit nigga, i dun hit dat pussy up quick

playa 2. Sho'nuff nigga
by E July 30, 2003
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