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A berry in which you snort and/or eat to imply that your are desperately trying to get high. Shnazzberries has been mentioned around teenage punks like Ryan Bielefield, Jake Fuiten, Cris O'Day, and Maxwell O'Day. Shnazzberries can be grown by taking a shit in the ground and watering it with urine. Once it starts to seed, you must worship as a god and kill 4- 8 bodies a day and lay the corpses on the foundation. Once it begins to fruitinize, take a emo kid and shove it up the closest dogs butthole to insure sweet and sexual berries. Growing the berries is useless and just shows your are a gay ass retard.
"Hey man, you want to meet up after school and do some shnazzberries?"
by paco57bitch June 30, 2009
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