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Italian guido boys found mainly in northern New Jersey and Staten Island. They take hours to get ready to go out to clubs just so they can get pictures taken of them in groups by club promoter websites. They brook out their hair, shave their facial hair into chinstraps, wear huge girl sunglasses that cover half of their face with a slight mirror tint to them, wear only black or white clothing, and drive their parents 2 year old Mercedes Benzes and BMWs. In high school they sold tickets at half price to the hottest clubs in NYC at a 60% discount and they took steroids. They love to blast techno music, take ecstasy and snort cocaine, and go down the shore to Seaside Heights/Ortley/Lavalette (which they've completely ruined in the past decade) in their wifebeaters just to start fights with anyone that they don't know. Most of them love to show off their true italian heritage (which means they are about 2% italian) by flaunting the italian flag or the word 'italia' everywhere they go. You do not want to cross paths with this type because they know in their head they can win a fight with anyone they see, ever.
Tommy from MTV's True Life is a shmike, the gotti boys are shmikes, 99% of the people from staten island are shmikes
by shmiker December 01, 2006
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