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a really awesome person
a great word to say that describes any situation
a hottie
that tall girl and her short friend are total shmeegs
bro 1: dude that party was a total rager
bro 2: yeah shmeegs i know!
by rangstorffandmiddlefield January 02, 2011
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A word used as a code word for any word you want as a way to be secretive.
β€œYo dawg, show me the shmeeg”
(Teacher)”What’s a shmeeg?”
by kage12ballard March 31, 2019
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Shmeeg is basically a cigarette it can be used many ways
For example
"Yo dawg let me bum a shmeeg"
"Go fuck your self I only got one shmeeg left"
"Hey, lets bring our beers outside and have a Shmeeg break"
"Fuck we need to go on a shmeeg run I have no more shmeegs"
"Hey man im bored wanna coem shmeeg"
by Nik135 May 20, 2006
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A shmeeg is short for Smeagol (Gollum) off the widely known Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit sequels. Verb: When calling someone a shmeeg it refers to them behaving in a freakish way. Noun: A shmeeg is someone who looks odd, eachother with physical abnormalities.
Verb: Hey Toby did you see Harry last night he was being a right shmeeg.
Noun: Fuck me, look at that shmeeg over there.
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by kingshmeeg November 06, 2019
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