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Getting Shmagedingaled(also spelled shmigdingale) is getting to the higher levels of drunkenness. Shmagedingaled drunk is legendary and by many it is considered to be nonexistent or imaginary state as there aren't many who claimed to reach it and live long enough to talk about it. It is said to be the highest state of intoxication that human body can sustain before evaporating into water, carbon and cheap moonshine.

There are levels of drunkness necessary to follow to reach level of getting shmagedingaled. They are:
-Fucked up
-Blacked out
After being dead there is a slight chance to beat it and survive. This is an art of getting shmagedingaled that only so few have perfected. To do so you have to outdrink death and the new plane of existence will open up to you and you will be officially shmagedingaled. Knowledge of the Universe will be clear to you and you will know all the answer to every question ever asked. Some even claim you will be able to understand women. But all this will be gone in an hour or so and all that was learned will be forgotten. Slowly descending into lower level of drunkness will leave you hangovered, sad and depressed but feeling of accomplishment will be there too. This is a secret of getting shmagedingaled.
-“Lets get shmagedingaled tonight!“
-“Nah man, I dont wanna die just yet!“

“I got so shmagedingaled last night, man. I was good after taking 10 jello shots, finishing half a keg of Heineken, 2 shots of Blue Curacao, 2 shots of Svedka, 3 shots of Smirnoff and 2 shots of moonshine but that full glass of Tequila just killed me!“
by Xrimbi January 19, 2014
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