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1. n. An insane person.
2. n. Somebody who is willing to do anything for a bit of fun or a cheap thrill.
3. n. A Caucasian on smack.
4. v. A term referring to the act of slapping a Caucasian.
5. n. A kind of dessert consisting of two graham crackers with whipped cream and chocolate layered between them.
1. "That shmackacrackah was ranting to himself all night!" Exclaimed Bobby.
2. That guy just jumped out of his hotel window for the thrill of it--what a shmackacrackah!
3. Those shmackacrackahs should get cleaned up--they're doing too much of that crap.
4. "Imma shmackacrackah!" She shouted, after she found out her Caucasian boyfriend was cheating on her.
5. Mmmmm. I love the whipped cream and chocolatey taste of a shmackacrackah!
by VISHNU! August 26, 2006
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