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vinegary smelly balls. like when you wake up in the morning after your morning wood and you go to feel your balls. and pull your hand out and smell it. you think to yourself... what the hell did i dip my balls in? a combination of Indian food wrapped in a baby's used diaper or some sort overly expired vinegar and chlorine? and then you realize no. i forgot to take a shower last month.
dude did you get a wiff of his shlumsack?
yeah that was pretty figity.

omg i just got a huge wiff of someones shlumsack!
how expired was it?
id say atleast a few months.

two girls talking:
and the worst part about it was his smelly shlumsack.
how bad was it?
atleast a few months.
by Big Mac or Mac Attack June 29, 2008
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