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a shitwafer is a slightly built shithead. this person is likely very weak physically, but has a big mouth that spews mostly bullshit. they are delicate and hollow.
is that little shitwafer giving me lip??
by ken power January 10, 2008
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Also known as a dog fart. Commonly expelled from bulldogs who eat excessive amounts of raw hide and then as they are jumping onto a bed or couch it happens slow motion it is a disastrous attack to your nostrils. Gasping for air you taste nothing but shit wafer .... molecules of poop.
Lilly the bulldog consumes a 3 pound raw hide and attempts a leap onto the sofa when you and your girlfriend are watching a chic flick because you are hoping to score. Then out of no where you are overcome by the smell. Her eyes start to water and she runs out of the room, but she goes wrong way and runs right towards the shit wafer.
by bubba1277 April 03, 2011
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