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Shitty punk is unrefined loud pissed off punk you will hear played live in small venues and you wont hear on the radio.If i say "Fuck i could really go for some beer and a shitty punk show" That means i want to get wasted and go listen to loud unrefined uninhibited punk rock Not Greenday or blink182 . Just some scummy assholes with beat up instruments yelling about things that piss them off playing hard and loud.
An example of shitty punk would be if 4 kids from your town stole some guitars and started a band in which they turned up the amp cranked the gain and yelled about how much cops piss them off cause they give them tickets for huffing paint as they pounded out the two chords they know mixed with power chords and what ever other noise the can make.
by Johny Porkchop December 13, 2013
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