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The act of sharting whilst sporting a g-string causing the fecal matter to become disrupted by the interfering underwear and launch forth in two separate directions.
Dude! That erotic dancer just performed a shitsplit on my lap!
by The Jarvis February 19, 2006
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He was floating in the swimming pool upside down and all you could see was his shit split.
I shouldn't have eaten all of those hot peppers. Everytime I wipe, it feels like my shit split is going to bleed.
by King Skelvis March 24, 2014
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The act in which a grown man wears a thong(preferably yellow) and takes a shit. The thong in turn spliting the pinched load in half to either side of the thong.
Oh my god Tom, I was partying with Jason last night and he totally pulled off a perfect shit split.
by Misc Man December 08, 2007
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When two people shot gun a single beer, two holes in one beer.
Yo man, my boyfriend and gay best friend just shit split that last beer. It was something to behold!
by JanusAnalprobe April 16, 2011
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Something so ball droppingly amazing that when you take to the crapper you will find to your amazement your shit has indeed been split.
Dude, Gary, did you check out E3 '08?
The Microsoft part was shitsplitting!
I had to change pants!
by MassaRee July 15, 2008
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An unequal share of money
Person #1 - Okay, you get $1 and i get the rest.
Person #2 - Dude, that's a shit split.
by aquafine water July 09, 2010
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